CFA pleased with glyphosate re-evaluation


Source: Canadian Federation of Agriculture

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture is pleased to see Health Canada’s recent re-affirmation that glyphosate is neither considered a human cancer risk or a risk to the environment.

These finding come after a rigorous scientific review, and are an excellent example of the kind of evidence-based research that serves as the foundation for good policy. The report came to the conclusion that:

  • Glyphosate is not genotoxic and is unlikely to pose a human cancer risk.
  • Dietary (food and drinking water) exposure associated with the use of glyphosate is not expected to pose a risk of concern to human health.
  • When used according to revised label directions, glyphosate products are not expected to pose risks of concern to the environment.

“It’s excellent to see this statement from Health Canada,” said Ron Bonnett, President of CFA.

“Farmers were worried about potentially having to find a replacement for glyphosate. Most of the alternatives have been found to be less effective, meaning they need to be sprayed more, or are harmful to the environment. It’s extremely important to have these re-evaluations to maintain confidence in Canada’s food system, so Canadians are comfortable knowing what they eat is both safe and nutritious.”

CFA hopes this kind of evidence-based decision making continues as they work with the Federal government in the future.


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